The gold which will be stored in the "Gold Community Depot" ist only LBMA certificated gold. This ensures that your gold is always gladly accepted and thus your standard in gold tokens.




LBMA's mission “is to add value to the global precious metals industry, by setting standards and developing market services, thereby ensuring the highest levels of integrity, transparency and trust."

LBMA drives governance and continuous improvement of the market, ensuring all market participants can operate with confidence. LBMA is the standard-setting organisation that defines how precious metals are refined as well as traded, demonstrating this through its management of the globally acknowledged London Good Delivery Lists and Responsible Sourcing programme, as well as the publication in 2017 of the Global Precious Metals Code alongside a requirement for all LBMA members to commit to its adherence.

LBMA works with miners, investors, fabricators, ETFs, refiners, manufacturers, consumers, civil society and central banks from around the world.[3] In addition to acting as the voice of the global precious metals market, LBMA is the contact point for regulators, investors and clients.

LBMA has always worked closely with London Precious Metals Clearing Limited (LPMCL), which organises and co-ordinates bullion clearing and vaulting in London for OTC transactions taking place around the world. In 2017 LBMA assumed responsibility for the administrative functions of the LPMCL. It also has a close working relationship with the London Platinum & Palladium Market (LPPM) and there is cross-representation on the Management Committees or Boards of each organisation.