For the first time in modern history, the unimaginable becomes possible. interest on gold. Through a method that we have developed at STANDARD IN GOLD, it is possible to earn interest on gold.

The profits that we generate by releasing tokens from the main wallet are completely exchanged for gold and fully stored in the Community Gold Depot. This increases the gold value of each token.

Our goal is to make Standard even more secure in value and stronger in its purchasing power. The beneficiaries will be those who leave their standard in tokens and watch their tokens increase in gold value.

At this point we draw attention to the fact that we will release all tokens except for 15%. The 15% we keep is meant to be kept for possible unforeseen costs to back up Standard in G.

When we have reached the 15% limit, the gold value will exceed that of the fiat value, so that the Gold Community Fee will secure further interest payments to the token holders in the form of gold.

You see, with Standard you can only win.