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ATTENTION: this program is only limited to the PRESALE. As soon as we release the TOKEN on PANCAKE SWAP this program ends.

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Oliver Antunovic, Vienna the 05 of February 2022



General terms and conditions for working as an affiliate

  • 1 Scope

(1) These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Affiliate GTC”) regulate the provision of internet-based services (hereinafter “Services”) by STANDARD IN GOLD eU, Paulusplatz 3, 1030 Vienna, Austria (hereinafter “STANDARD IN GOLD eU. ") for sales partners (hereinafter "Affiliates").


(2) These affiliate terms and conditions are aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs within the meaning of Section 14 of the German Civil Code. Entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or a partnership with legal capacity who, when concluding a legal transaction, acts in the exercise of their commercial or independent professional activity.


(3) By using the services, the affiliate agrees to the provisions of these affiliate terms and conditions and expressly declares that they are an entrepreneur within the meaning of Section 14 of the German Civil Code.


  • 2 Description of the Services

(1) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. buys goods and services (hereinafter "products") from manufacturers and service providers (hereinafter "suppliers") and sells them to customers (hereinafter "customers") via their online ordering process.


(2) STANDARD IN GOLD eU operates an online shop at [] (hereinafter "marketplace") through which affiliates have the opportunity to advertise the products by means of affiliate marketing (in the the following "Affiliate Program"). The respective product is described in the marketplace and the performance-based revenue share (hereinafter referred to as “commission”) is specified.


(3) Providers create advertising media such as banners, product data, text links, emails and videos (hereinafter referred to as “advertising media”) to market their products via affiliate programs. These advertising materials are made available to registered affiliates so that they can be included on a homepage or website operated by them, in an e-mail or in their own blog (hereinafter "advertising space").STANDARD IN GOLD eU offers with the marketplace a platform through which providers provide the affiliates with advertising material in the form of hoplinks, among other things. STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is not the manufacturer of the advertising material, is not obliged to check the admissibility or correctness of the advertising material and does not act as a representative of the provider when making the marketplace available and the technical creation of the hoplinks.

(4) If a third party, e.g. a consumer, clicks on the link in an advertising medium and this leads to a transaction that is eligible for payment (hereinafter referred to as “business transaction”), the affiliate receives payment from STANDARD IN GOLD eU for the successful procurement of customers a commission. What constitutes a business transaction in an individual case results from the product description in the marketplace and additionally from the provisions of Section 6.


(5) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. monitors and logs the business transactions (hereinafter "tracking"), provides the affiliate with an overview of this and settles this with the affiliate. The tracking of STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is solely decisive for the question of whether a business transaction has been brokered and is the basis for the resulting calculation of the remuneration according to § 6.


  • 3 Registration as an affiliate

(1) To participate in the affiliate program, the affiliate must register on the website [] operated by STANDARD IN GOLD e.U., stating their website and other data.


(2) Legal or natural persons who have reached the age of eighteen can register. Each affiliate must also have a PayPal account. STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. reserves the right to check the personal details provided by the affiliate.


(3) By completing the registration form in full and accepting these affiliate terms and conditions, the affiliate submits an offer to conclude the contract for participation in the affiliate program with the content of these affiliate terms and conditions.


(4) If STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. accepts the offer, the affiliate will receive a confirmation email. STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the offer without giving reasons.


  • 4 Participation in the affiliate program
  • After accepting the registration request and admitting the affiliate to the affiliate program, the affiliate can participate in the affiliate program. On the marketplace, which can be viewed on the public websites of STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.., the affiliate receives an overview of the products from the providers that can be marketed through the affiliate program.


(2) In the online profile for registered members (hereinafter "MY account"), the affiliate can check and change all personal details and information and terminate their participation in the affiliate program altogether.


(3) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is free to prohibit the affiliate from integrating a specific advertising medium at any time.


(4) With the integration of a specific advertising medium, the affiliate accepts any additional, program-specific conditions of participation (hereinafter “Product Advertising Conditions”) that are displayed when the advertising medium is selected. With the integration, these product advertising conditions become part of the contract with STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. and supplement these affiliate terms and conditions.


(5) If the affiliate is the operator of a network with sub-affiliates, he guarantees with his registration that he will communicate these affiliate terms and conditions and any product advertising conditions to his sub-affiliates and that he will monitor and enforce compliance with them by the sub-affiliates. The affiliate is liable for the behavior of its sub-affiliates.


(6) Participation in the affiliate program is free for the affiliate.


  • 5 Obligations of the Affiliate

(1) Upon registration


  1. a) The affiliate guarantees that the data requested during registration is truthful and complete. If the data provided during the registration process changes after registration, the affiliate must update the data in their MY account immediately.


  1. b) Entrepreneurs who are subject to sales tax are obliged to give STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. their tax number issued by the tax office or the sales tax identification number issued by the Federal Office of Finance or the corresponding foreign authority when registering or via an entry via the MY account.


  1. c) The affiliate undertakes to treat the access data for the MY account chosen during registration (e-mail address and password) confidentially, not to disclose it to any third party and to store it in such a way that third parties cannot gain knowledge of it. No third party may

Use of the area for registered members can be enabled via this access data. If there is reason to suspect that third parties have knowledge of the access data, the affiliate must inform STANDARD IN GOLD e.U. immediately in writing or by sending a message to


(2) When using the advertising material on an advertising space


  1. a) The affiliate ensures at his own responsibility that he has the necessary rights to and/or for the marketing of the advertising space.


  1. b) The affiliate ensures that the advertising space specified during registration corresponds to the advertising space specified when selecting the advertising material or the advertising space used during integration.


  1. c) With the integration of the corresponding advertising material on the advertising space, the affiliate guarantees that the advertising space and its advertising activities as a whole.


(i) do not violate any rights of third parties (in particular copyright, trademark, personality or comparable rights) and/or


(ii) do not violate any other legal (especially competition law) provisions and


(iii) are not of a seditious, racist, violence-glorifying, pornographic or youth-endangering nature or may not be made publicly accessible


  • The affiliate undertakes to refrain from electronic attacks of any kind on the services and the affiliate program. Electronic attacks include, in particular, attempts to overcome, circumvent or otherwise disable the security mechanisms of the services, the use of computer programs to automatically read data, the use and/or distribution of viruses, worms, Trojans, brute force Force Attacks, spam, or use any other link, program, or process that may damage the Services, the Affiliate Program, or any member of the Affiliate Program.




(4) When sending e-mails containing advertising material from providers, the affiliate must in particular observe the prohibition on sending unsolicited advertising ("spam"). The unsolicited sending of e-mails with advertising content is prohibited. Before sending e-mails, the consent of all respective recipients must be obtained and proven in writing at the request of STANDARD IN GOLD e.U..


  • 6 Settlement, Payment of Commission and Retention

(1) The affiliate receives a commission from STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. for a business transaction according to § 2 (4). The payout is subject to any deductions or retention as described below in this Section 6 or offsetting in accordance with Section 9.


(2) How high the commission is in individual cases and for what type of business transactions it is granted depends on the product advertising conditions in the marketplace [] The commission specified as a percentage in the product advertising conditions refers to the gross sales value of the product after deduction of the margin of STANDARD IN GOLD eU and deduction of VAT.


 (3) The right to payment of the commission is subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions:


  1. a) the business transaction came about as a result of the advertising activity of the affiliate,


  1. b) the transaction has been logged ("tracked") by STANDARD IN GOLD e.U..,


  1. c) the transaction has been confirmed by STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.,


  1. d) the business transaction has not been reversed through legal measures (e.g. revocation, withdrawal, cancellation)


  1. e) With regard to the specific business transaction, there is no returned direct debit and no chargeback (hereinafter jointly “chargeback”) from the customer, and


  1. f) There is no misuse within the meaning of Section 8 of these Affiliate Terms and Conditions.


(4)   Für Geschäftsabschlüsse, die in einer der vorangegangenen Abrechnungen bereits mit einer Provision vergütet wurden, für die zum Zeitpunkt der aktuellen Abrechnung aber ein Widerruf, Rücktritt, Stornierung oder eine Rückbelastungen durch Chargeback (nachfolgend gemeinsam „Rückforderungen“) vorliegt, wird die bereits gezahlte Provision auf der aktuellen Abrechnung in Abzug gebracht.


(5)   STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. wird in der Kalenderwoche, die auf die mit dem Affiliate vereinbarte Abrechnungsperiode (wöchentlich, 2-wöchentlich oder monatlich) folgt, eine Abrechnung gegenüber dem Affiliate erstellen, die alle Geschäftsabschlüsse der letzten Abrechnungsperiode aufführt. Die Abrechnung wird dem Affiliate im My-Account zusammen mit der Gutschrift in Textform zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Abrechnung erfolgt im Gutschriftverfahren, d.h. anstelle der Rechnungsstellung durch den Affiliate schreibt STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. die jeweilige Provision dem Affiliate-Konto gut. Das Guthaben auf dem Affiliate-Konto wird nicht verzinst.


(6)   In der auf die Abrechnung folgenden Kalenderwoche erfolgt die Auszahlung der Provision an das vom Affiliate angegebene Paypalkonto abzüglich eines Einhalts (nachfolgend: „Einbehalt“). Der Einbehalt dient dazu das Risiko im Hinblick Rückforderungen abzusichern. STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. wird über den Einhalt eine gesonderte Abrechnung erstellen. Die Höhe des Einbehalts ist abhängig von der Anzahl der Geschäftsabschlüsse im Abrechnungszeitraum. Bei bis zu drei Geschäftsabschlüssen beträgt der Einbehalt 50 %, bei vier bis zehn Geschäftsabschlüssen 20 % und bei mehr als zehn Geschäftsabschlüssen 10 % der errechneten Provision.


(7)   Abweichend von Absatz 6 ist STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. berechtigt nach eigenem Ermessen den Einbehalt auf bis zu 100 % der Provision festzusetzen. STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. wird die vorgenannte Anpassung nur bei Vorliegen eines sachlichen Grundes und unter Berücksichtigung der berechtigten Belange von STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. vornehmen. Einen sachlichen Grund stellt insbesondere eine aufgrund der Produktart erfahrungsgemäß zu erwartende oder tatsächlich sich bereits abzeichnende überdurchschnittliche Anzahl von Rückforderungen dar.


(8)   Der Einbehalt wird jeweils acht (8) Wochen nach dem Datum seiner gesonderten Abrechnung ausgekehrt, sofern keine Verrechnung mit Gegenansprüchen der STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. erfolgt. Sofern Geschäftsabschlüsse per Lastschrift in einem Gesamtvolumen von mehr als EUR 10.000,00 vermittelt wurden, ist STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. berechtigt, eine Auszahlung im Hinblick auf das Lastschriftvolumen erst acht (8) Wochen nach Übersendung der gesonderten Abrechnung vorzunehmen.


(9)   Eine Auszahlung der Provision erfolgt in jedem Fall erst, wenn eine Mindestanzahl von drei Geschäftsabschlüssen stattgefunden hat und die Provision mindestens EUR 100,00 netto beträgt.


(10) Subject to the provisions of § 10 (3) and (4), all affiliate commissions will be paid out no later than twelve (12) weeks after the end of the contractual relationship between the affiliate and STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. This does not affect the claim of STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. against the affiliate for repayment of commissions already paid, which are based on business transactions that no longer entitle the commission due to existing reclaims.

(11) Apart from paying the commission, the affiliate is not entitled to any further reimbursement of expenses, costs or similar.


  • 7 Affiliate's Rights of Use

(1) The information and data obtained as part of participation in the affiliate program may only be used by the affiliate in connection with the use of the affiliate program. The affiliate is prohibited from passing it on to third parties and from using it for other purposes. An exception is the permitted transfer to sub-affiliates. Sections 4 (5), 7 (5) and 9 (2) of these affiliate terms and conditions are expressly referred to.


(2) The advertising media made available may not be changed in terms of appearance, content or technology or processed in any other way without the prior consent of the respective provider.


(3) The services, the affiliate program and its applications are protected by copyright or other legal provisions.


(4) STANDARD IN GOLD eU grants the affiliate the revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to use the advertising material provided as part of the affiliate program in compliance with the product advertising conditions, general laws and exclusively within the scope of participation in the use affiliate program. With the termination of the contract between STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. and the affiliate, regardless of the reason, the aforementioned rights of use expire.


(5) The affiliate is not granted any further rights of use. The affiliate is not entitled to use the advertising material, applications and to pass on the data contained therein in whole or in part to third parties or to enable third parties to access them.


(6) In any case, the affiliate is not permitted to use advertising material or the services made available to him to create his own database and/or an information service.


Section 8 Misuse

(1) Any forms of abuse, i.e. measures that serve to achieve business deals through unfair methods or inadmissible means that violate applicable law, these Affiliate Terms and Conditions or the Product Advertising Conditions, are prohibited for the affiliate.


(2) The affiliate is prohibited from attempting to earn the commission by placing or pretending to place orders himself or third parties commissioned by him. In particular, the following practices constitute abuse:


  1. a) Feigning business deals that did not actually take place, e.g. by providing third-party or false or non-existent data when ordering products or registering online, or


  1. b) Use of forms of advertising that enable tracking, but the advertising medium is not displayed, is imperceptible or is not displayed in the specified form and/or size, or


  1. c) Use of terms that are legally protected for the provider or third parties, in particular trademarks, for example in search engines, when placing advertisements or advertising the advertising space without the express prior written consent of the rights holder.


(3) Any form of abuse entitles STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. to immediately block the affiliate account. Within one month after the blocking, an objection can be submitted in text form in order to clarify the facts. If the facts cannot be clarified in favor of the affiliate, STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. reserves the right to terminate the contract. In the event of termination, the processing of the contract is based on Section 10 of these Affiliate Terms and Conditions.


(4) The affiliate is not entitled to a commission for abusive business transactions.


(5) During the affiliate's participation in the affiliate program, the affiliate is not permitted to enter into direct or indirect contracts for services in accordance with or in connection with these affiliate terms and conditions with individual providers of the affiliate program, bypassing STANDARD IN GOLD eU to conclude or to conduct negotiations aimed at it.


(6) The affiliate undertakes, for each case of culpable violation of §§ 8 (1) and (2) of these affiliate terms and conditions, to be determined by STANDARD IN GOLD eU at its reasonable discretion and to be reviewed by a court in the event of a dispute to pay contractual penalty. The contractual penalty amounts to a maximum of the credit available and confirmed on the affiliate account at the time of blocking.


  • 9 indemnification and offsetting

(1) The affiliate shall, upon first request, indemnify STANDARD IN GOLD eU against all claims for damages, liability, demands, damages and costs (including legal fees for the advice and defense of STANDARD IN GOLD eU up to the amount of the statutory fees, litigation and court costs, fines) that are asserted against STANDARD IN GOLD eU in court or out of court (e.g. warnings) and that arise as a result of the following facts or in connection with them:


(i) claims, demands or allegations by any third party regarding the infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property rights in the Advertising Space used by the Affiliate,


(ii) Affiliate's breach of the representations, warranties and obligations under this Agreement (e.g. Section 4 Paragraph 5, Section 5),


(iii) Violations by the Affiliate of any legal prohibitions.


(2) In the event that claims are asserted against STANDARD IN GOLD eU according to § 9 paragraph 1, STANDARD IN GOLD eU is also entitled to offset the payment claims resulting from the exemption claims against payment claims of the affiliate and to withhold the corresponding payments . The right to set-off does not exist if the affiliate can prove that they are not at fault for the damage, the injury or the claims asserted against STANDARD IN GOLD e.U. by third parties.


  • 10 Term and Termination


1) The term of the contractual relationship governed by these affiliate terms and conditions for participation in the affiliate program begins with the acceptance of the registration application and ends when this agreement is terminated either by STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. or by the affiliate. The contract for participation in the affiliate program is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated by either party at any time in text form.


(2) If no commissions have been credited to the affiliate account for a period of two (2) years after registration, STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. reserves the right to close it and delete the registration. The deletion of the registration is considered a termination. A new registration according to § 3 is basically possible.


(3) Business transactions that have been brokered up to the time of termination will be processed after receipt of the termination in compliance with the provisions of Section 6. Any remaining credit will be paid out to the affiliate upon termination of the contract for a processing fee of EUR 15.00. If the balance is EUR 15.00 or less at the end of the contract, no payment will be made.


(4) If the affiliate was terminated due to misuse in accordance with Section 8, the contractual penalty in accordance with Section 8 (6) will be withheld from the credit balance.


  • 11 Data protection

(1) The protection of personal data is of great importance for STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. At the same time, the collection, processing and use (hereinafter "Use") of such data is a sine qua non for the provision of the Services. STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. collects, processes and uses (hereinafter "uses") personal data exclusively in compliance with the applicable statutory data protection regulations and the STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. data protection declaration.


(2) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. also uses the affiliate's contact details to contact the affiliate by email and, if necessary, by telephone in connection with participation in the affiliate program.


  • Any use of the affiliate’s personal data for purposes other than those specified in this Section 11 shall only take place on the basis of the affiliate’s express consent or a statutory provision which allows STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. such use.


(4) The affiliate can obtain information about their data stored at STANDARD IN GOLD e.U. via the usual contact options or by sending a request to


  • 12 Availability of the Affiliate Program

(1) The affiliate is aware that the services and the affiliate program are based on the interaction of a large number of technical functions, purchased services and products, telecommunications lines and other infrastructure (hereinafter "advance services"). The availability of the services and the affiliate program is therefore subject to the proviso that the corresponding preliminary services are actually provided, on time and of sufficient quality. In this respect, STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is not liable or obligated to perform unless STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. acted intentionally or with gross negligence.


(2) In the event of force majeure, STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is released from its obligation to perform. Cases of force majeure within the meaning of these affiliate terms and conditions are all unforeseeable events, as well as those events whose effects on the fulfillment of the contract are not the responsibility of either STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. or the affiliate. This includes in particular, but not exclusively, interruptions in the power supply lasting more than 2 hours, terrorism, interruptions in the supply, official measures and industrial action (also in third-party companies).


(3) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is entitled to temporarily restrict or block its services if this is necessary with regard to capacity limits, the security or integrity of the servers, data protection, etc. or to carry out operational or technically necessary maintenance.


Section 13 Liability and Limitation of Liability

(1) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. makes the services, the marketplace and the affiliate program available without guaranteeing error-free functionality or a certain percentage of availability. In addition, STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is not liable for failures or disruptions in the technical infrastructure outside of their area of ​​responsibility.


(2) STANDARD IN GOLD eU is responsible for the content of the websites of the affiliates, providers or third parties, for damages or other disruptions that are based on the faultiness or incompatibility of the software or hardware of the providers or affiliates, as well as for damages that are due to the lack of availability or incorrect functioning of the Internet, not responsible


(3) STANDARD IN GOLD eU is only liable in the event of a breach of an essential contractual obligation, the breach of which jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose of the contract or the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract and on compliance with which the affiliate may regularly rely ("cardinal obligation"), and only for the contract-typical, foreseeable damage. The above limitation of liability does not apply


  1. a) damage caused by intent or gross negligence;


  1. b) Personal injury (injury to life, body, health) and


  1. c) express acceptance of guarantees by STANDARD IN GOLD e.U...


(4) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is not liable if the circumstances justifying a claim against STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.


  1. a) based on an unusual and unforeseeable event over which STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. had no influence and the consequences of which could not have been avoided despite exercising due care, or


  1. b) were brought about by STANDARD IN GOLD e.U. due to a legal obligation.


(5) All liability exclusions or liability limitations in this § 13 also apply in favor of the personal liability of STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.'s employees, vicarious agents and vicarious agents.


  • 14 Exercise of rights by third parties, assumption of contract

(1) For the purpose of fulfilling the contract and exercising the rights to which STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is entitled in accordance with these Affiliate Terms and Conditions and the law, STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. can use other companies and service providers as vicarious agents.


(2) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations from this contractual relationship in whole or in part to a third party with a notice period of 4 (four) weeks.


(3) The affiliate can only transfer rights and obligations from this contract to third parties with the consent of STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. In particular, registration with the affiliate program cannot be transferred to third parties.


  • 15 Amendment of the Affiliate Terms and Conditions

(1) STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. reserves the right to change these affiliate terms and conditions at any time and / or to adapt them to changed framework conditions. STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. will notify the affiliate of such changes at least four (4) weeks before the changes are scheduled to come into effect.


(2) If the affiliate does not object within four (4) weeks of receipt of the notification according to § 15 (1) and continues to use the services even after the objection period has expired, the changes shall be deemed to have been agreed as effective from the expiry of the period. In the event of an objection, the affiliate terms and conditions continue to apply to the previous conditions; § 10 (1) remains unaffected. In the change notification, STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. will inform the affiliate of their right to object and the consequences.


  • 16 Final Provisions

(1) The contractual relationship between STANDARD IN GOLD eU or to represent.


(2) The substantive law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to these affiliate terms and conditions and the entire legal relationship between STANDARD IN GOLD e.U.. and the affiliate, excluding the UN sales law.


(3) The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and/or in connection with the contractual relationship between STANDARD IN GOLD e.U. and the affiliate is Cologne.


  • Insofar as individual clauses of these affiliate terms and conditions should be wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The ineffective provision is deemed to be replaced by a provision that usually comes as close as possible to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective provision in a legally effective manner. The same applies to possible regulation gaps.


Vienna, 04.02.2022